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  • Noah Balcombe

Why Frame Rates Matter!

At Animal Farm we value quality work while staying within budget. Today, we would like to highlight the significance of frame rate and its potential impact on two these aspects in post production.

If you take away one piece of advice from this article let it be the following: Determine and communicate the frame rate requirements of your media buys before going into production.

Extra tip: For the best results bring your post partner into the conversation early to collaborate and help strategize clean workflows.

Over the years the pitfalls involving frame rates have evolved. Although the latest hardware, pro applications and the use of AI has enabled editors to overcome many challenges, some significant obstacles remain.

  • Mixing frame rates: There may be instances when this is beyond your control, such as when dealing with footage generated by multiple users. Nonetheless, it is important to be aware that blending varying frame rates can influence the overall appearance from one shot to another. This minor discrepancy should be avoided, when possible, to achieve the most seamless results. What we are trying to avoid is jittery playback that can occur as the NLE program struggles to determine which frame to squeeze or expand.

  • Special Effects and Graphics: If your project involves special effects or computer-generated graphics, the frame rate plays a crucial role when considering budget. Mismatched frame rates can cause glitches and inconsistencies, requiring additional work to correct each frame. Render times always affect cost. Not only is it important to only render the exact frames needed for the buy, it is also important to avoid rendering less than you need. For example, you do not want to render 24fps when your delivery is 30fps. The frame interpolation and creation of added frames will not be precise.

In short: Rectifying frame rate issues in post-production consumes extra time and resources. You may need to hire additional personnel, invest in specialized software, or even reshoot scenes, all of which add to your project's budget.

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